Thursday, February 27, 2014

Let it Snow, Let it Snow.. LET IT SNOW!!!

My computer has been giving me issues.
I started this blog weeks ago but had to walk away.. so frustrating.  So, lets see if I can update what I have already typed.

(First of February) It's all mom's fault.  She's been complaining that we don't get snow like they get snow in Salt Lake City.  Well, Mother Nature heard and slammed us hard with a lot of snow.
Pictures will follow.
Dad leaving the Hospital
This past week was a little scary, Dad spent some time in the ambulance, a little drive (8 miles) to the hospital.  He wasn't responding to us, and looked very pale.  Low blood pressure and a low heart rate were the cause.  We are doing Home Health so they can monitor everything, but he seems to be doing fine.  Some of our friends said, "He just didn't feel like going to church."  (It happened 1/2 hour before we were to leave for church.

The 4th floor of the hospital used to be the Pediatric floor.. They kept the muriels up.. the walls are so cheery.  I hope you can tell what they look like.  Mom insisted I show her neighbor Mindy these drawings.  What do you think Mindy?
Fun Muriel's that are painting up and down the halls of the floor dad was in!

(First of February) It's all mom's fault.  She's been complaining that we don't get snow like they get snow in Salt Lake City.  Well, Mother Nature heard and slammed us hard with a lot of snow.
Pictures will follow.

 It took Bob 81/2 hours to plow our driveway.. The snow wouldn't stop!  Mom couldn't believe that church was cancelled!  It was a beautiful Snowed in Sunday!

After dad got home from the hospital we made him stay in from feeding the cows, but the next day, he was ready to see the "girls."

He's loving looking at the snow, but since there is so much, Bob and Derek have to ride the 6-wheeler, so Dad has to sit it out for a while!
Appreciate all the phone calls, and messages! 
Mom loves hearing news from home!

A very cute couple are staying in their home currently.  Their 6 month old daughter loves all the room and the chandeleirs.  (Tara is the daughter of Cleve Brock.. she is married to a former BYU volleyball player, and their beautiful daughter Lydia)
The snow is starting to melt... and the temperature's high was 43 degrees.  Bob got Mom out on the Ranger and took her for a "spin" around the property.  She had her camera in hand and enjoyed the bright sunny snowy day.

I apologize for this "not in order" blog.. But since the computer is back to "normal" I'll keep adding some updates.

We have found a restaurant that mom and dad enjoy going to.  It is called Scholsky's.  Dad loves the soup and mom thinks their sandwich breads are wonderful.

We've also gone to several movies.  The first being the Russian Missionary Movie 'The Saratov Approach".  Wow, suspenseful.  Mom couldn't believe all the advertisements before the movie, and was surprised that the movie was 8.00... lucky she is a Senior, and lucky she went before 4:00.. otherwise it's 10:50 for me!  Bob, Dad and Derek went and saw "Monument Men", Dad loved it.  While Derek and I went to Taekwondo and mom had laundry to fold (her choice), Dad and Bob went to "Pompeii"  Bob was worried that it was going to be too violent, but it turned out well, and Dad couldn't stop talking about how well made it was! 
We had a fun church dinner the day after Valentine's day.  Yummy Mexican potluck theme!  Everyone is so friendly to Mom and Dad.. They should feel right at home!
Mom and Dad love getting your calls and from their friends from Salt Lake City.  For Valentine's day Janeanne Brooks sent some of her homemade candy to them.  I've caught dad sneaking the candy before he eats breakfast!
Mom and Dad enjoy making Birthday Calls to their friends and family members.  Now they have Derek to accompany them!

We still enjoy playing games and puzzles, mixed in with Physical Therapy sessions with the Home Health Nurses and the hospitals Physical Therapists...One more week with their Parkinson's Exercise Class.
Mom and another lady are visiting teachers to some young girls that recently got baptized.  Mom wondered what these girls would think of her, being old enough to be their grandmother.. the girls really liked mom and her companion (I asked the girls on Sunday).  Way to go Mom.  As we speak mom is trying to find some fun recipes to make to auction off at the Cub Scouts Blue and Gold Dessert Auction.  She will be amazed when she sees the creations that come!!!

Mom and Dad were excited to see the final copy of the article that was featured in our Newspaper's Magazine.  They were here when the report came and when they interviewed us.  Let me see if I can find the site and post it here.
Many friends have given us copies of the magazine, if you'd like a copy, we'll send it to you.  We hope that the information about Derek and Autism in general will be informative and help other families.  We were honored that they chose us to feature.

Until next time!  Bye Bye


Monday, January 20, 2014

2014, Really, Truly!

So often Mom asks us if it really is 2014.  Derek then adds, the entire date.. January 21st, 2014!  Thanks Derek!

Still the Christmas Cards and Newsletters and some Christmas decorations are hanging up in their room.  The plaque that the Burton's gave to Mom and Dad will stay up year round.  It makes us all so happy!  Also, the cute little notes that the Bledsoe's left in Mom and Dad's room are still hanging up reminding them ofTrey & Tian!

We had a fun Break the Fast (New Years theme) on the first Sunday of January.  Mom was so helpful helping us set up the room, and making sure we had enough seats set up once everyone started coming.  We had set for 34.. we had 35 come.  No worries about Dad, the folks are always lining up ready to go through the food line to get Dad all set up with yummy food!  Mom and Phyllis just so happen to be in the same outfits.. well, almost, but enough for a picture!  (Mom loves the color, and doesn't she look great in it.. Kari, where did you get it?)

We have enrolled Dad (Of course Mom and I go too) in a Parkinson's exercise class.  Mondays at 10:30-11:30.  The man that runs the program is so good about tailoring the class to fit the needs and levels of each of the 6 people that are in the class.  The first time they went Dad came away feeling like he wasn't as good as the others!  I reminded him that he is the oldest by far!  This week he did really good, he even passed a big ball over his head to give to the guy behind him...  The instructor said that next week they may even get on the floor to do stretches.  (Dad is pretty quiet, but after that comment he said.. "That will be the day"  Cracked me up)

While Mom and Dad are here with us, we have a family friend.. (He may even be related.. we need to figure out which family line from Nephi.. Cazier side of the family.. I know I'm spelling it wrong, but that is how I say it)staying and watching over their home!  Thank you "Cousin" Cleve Brock for residing at 1776 Southmoor Drive!

The other day Mom turned on American Idol (If you know me at all, you know that I don't get into "Idol" until the top 10 have been chosen), it was so funny to hear dad's remarks.  Here are a few.  "And they call that talent?"  "Why would they think she is a good singer?"  "I'm not getting this talent."  It just cracked me up!

Today was cold, and we had freezing fog.  Mom said she has never seen it or heard of it.  Really?  Hum.. Well, Saturday we had nice warm weather.  Bob was out restacking the hay, dad thought it would be fun to watch.. So Derek and I got him in the Ranger and went out to be Bob's audience.  While we were out there we saw a family of pigeons, Dad's favorite geese next door, 2 pesky bumble bee's and of course the bull and the cows.  "This is the life!" is what Dad said about it.  Oh, and not to forget about the mountains.  He just loves sitting in the living room late in the day to watch the sun go down and how magnificent (His words) the mountains look.


We've found some games that both Mom and Dad can play, so Monday night is game night!  I wish I could share with you something that happened... when we were trying to make words out of ABC magnets.. but it would embarrass Mom, so we will just leave it at that!!!  (Things happen when you are trying to talk on the phone and play a game at the same time.. right Donna?!)
Mom is still wearing the pedometer, averaging 2 miles a day, and Dad rides the bike at least 5 days a week.  The class instructor told all the participants that they should be exercising at least 30 minutes a day.. Yup, he's doing that!  They both are moving quite a bit.  One night mom was so close to getting 2.5 miles on the pedometer.  I said, "Mom you are so close, walk down to Derek's room, then to the kitchen and come back to the bathroom."  She did, and she made the 2.5.

Well, before we know it February will be here.
Thank you again for calling and writing, e-mailing too.  Mom enjoys keeping in touch with friends and family!  She isn't ready to call Bend home, but she's sure doing well and my laundry and dusting has never been so organized (Oh, and my drawers and cupboards too).

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Time!

I think my parents had a fun-filled Christmas..
How could you not with children around?!
Rebecca and her family got here on Christmas Eve. 
The noise level went up.. and the fun began!
Tian loved riding around with G-Pa's (Dad) walker, and they thought it was fun to try out the extended toilet seat!
We played games, ate too much food, watched more Hallmark and other Christmas specials, and yes, continued to exercise!
Mom has taken over my pedometer, wears it everyday trying to walk more each day! (Here is a picture of the chart. At the end of the day she faithfully has me read the mileage.. small print!)
Dad spends time on the bike and makes sure I jot down his mileage and time as well. What? I never knew my parents were so competitive!

I'll post some pictures below, and give a little explanation.

 Marshall & Kory surprised Mom and Dad and came for the weekend before Christmas.. the second surprise was Marshall singing at church.                     "Oh Holy Night" has never been sung better!
What a surprise Dad got, when he looked up to see who was in the Ranger sitting by Derek! 
Mom gets a little nervous watching the boys jumping so high!  Mom and Dad watch from the window!
A fun game we got for Christmas.  Dad was a little bored, but the rest of us had fun!
All week Trey was a little hoarse.. but Sunday, right before church wanted to play a song for G-G and G-Pa.  (Look how beautiful Mom's purple shirt looks on her) 

 Justin had to take the picture.. sorry, we should have gotten him and Tian in the picture, but Tian had already left for church with Bob and Derek.

Keeping up with my parent's tradition.. I have stapled their Christmas cards on ribbons on their closet.  I snuck in there today to get a picture of it!  They love looking at all the notes and pictures from their friends and family!

Last night  Oregon played against Texas.  I asked Mom who she was rooting for, she said, "Well, I guess I better root for Oregon!"  Hip Hip Hooray, they won.. Maybe that was a good sign.

Friday, December 20, 2013


We've been so excitedly waiting for a big surprise for mom and dad.
This is how we did it...
Daily, Bob and Derek go out and get the Ranger, bring it to the garage and load dad into it.  While they are doing that, mom and I get dad out to the garage and put all his warm clothes on him.  Well, today we started the routine... and guess who was in the Ranger... Marshall!  It took a minute for dad to look up and see him, but WOW.. what a big surprise!  Because Marshall had a hood on, Mom couldn't really see him at first.. But when she did, she joined with dad and were both so excited!  Kory then slipped out from the freezing shop to watch the fun reunion!  Now we are ready for a  weekend with Marshall and Kory!
(Because everyone is in bed.. I am going to hurry and post pictures from our busy couple of weeks!  A little explanation along with the pictures)

 Derek overheard Bob and I talk about the surprise.. we didn't think he heard.. He almost gave it away twice today!

Thanks Marshall and Kory for making the drive!!! 
Can't wait for the Sunday surprise as well!

Mom is wearing my pedometer these days. She is just curious to see how far she walks during the day.  Yesterday it was 4.25 miles.. Yup.. It started with our family, who along with 2 other families were assigned to clean the church, then we went to an Elementary School Music Program, and then at night we went to the High School Christmas Program.  Dad got pushed a lot.. mom walked a ton!
Dad continues to ride the stationary bike.  He averages 2.5 miles a day. 
Go Dad!

Mom brought from home, many of her knitted hats.  Tuesday on our way to Sisters we took them to the tree at the library.  Each year they collect hats, scarves and gloves for those in need.  (I need to take mom with us so she can see all of them)
We've heard the temperatures in Utah have been cold, with a ton of snow.  Well, we got a little snow (Mom says the snow is different than Utah snow.. dad says it sparkles), and we've had cold days!  First thing in the morning, mom checks the temperature!  
It doesn't matter to Dad what the temperature is, or how snowy it is, he continues to want to go out with Bob and Derek to check on his "girls" (Cows) and make sure they are fed and the ice gets broken.
This picture was taken on a late afternoon feeding.  Can't remember what we were doing, but it was around 5:00.  Dad loved the lights from the Ranger shining on the sparkling snow!
As we drove home from the ward Christmas party.. it was -11.. yup, you read that right!
Got to love Santa and his elf!
Did you all love the Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood? Looks like I got this when Mom was resting her eyes, but Dad loved it.  They especially enjoyed the "making of the Sound of Music" program that was on a couple of days before the big performance.

Along with that, we got a copy of the Boy Scouts of America 100 year celebration.  That was spectacular! 

Our friend Phyllis took mom to her church's Senior luncheon.  Phyllis is so good to my parents.  Mom had a great time, yummy food, and fun games and music!  Thanks Phyllis!
Mom and dad are getting gifts already and it's not even Christmas.  Mom doesn't know which Garrett sent her this awesome, beautiful box of soups.  Will the real "Sneak" come forward?!  Thank you!  We can't wait to try them!
Well, I want to join the rest of the family.. sleeping!  So I will close this little post, and say goodnight! 
They love getting phone calls, and (if it wasn't dark in their room I'd go take a picture) hanging your Christmas Cards up on their closet!  Thanks for keeping in touch.  Mom misses Utah (Thanks Gina for sending the inversion report, and Dee and Donna about the snow and cold temperatures there), and all her friends!  But we are trying our best to make our home, HOME to them!